logistic & safe

No matter whether it is the conventional mail envelope, opaque messenger bag  or tamper-proof safebags – it protects your goods. 
A vast number of mailings get delivered every day from documents, money and valuables, medical examination items through to mail order house articles. 
In any case you have to rely on  the proper functioning of the packaging. But you can make more of this precious packaging. The customized prints we offer gives you the opportunity to incorporate your   courier bags, mail envelopes and safebags  in your corporate concept in a promotionally effective way.
We lend you our support by giving advice based on our wealth of experience. We are also aware of our responsibility when it comes to meet your special needs by supplying premium quality products.  

logistic & safe - mail envelopes, messenger bags and safebags for the safest dispatch of your products.

Depending on which criteria you consider vital for your shipping bags or safety bags we will produce them of clear, specially tear-proof or opaque film. 
Since it is necessary to make mention of diverse manipulation attempts in connection with safety packaging we have adapted our safety locks to the relevant safety level. We supply safebags that display both simple mechanical tampering attempts and bags that are provided with solvent and thermal indicators.  

As a manufacturer of safety bags we make every effort to keep the protection against tampering at the highest level. We would be glad to discuss our latest developments with you.


Special features of our logistic products:

  • clear or opaque film
  • applying a bag for accompanying documents
  • double lock for simultaneous use of the bag as mailing envelope and return packaging 
  • resealable pressure lock

Special features of our safe products:

  • clear, specially tear-proof or opaque film
  • tear-off voucher
  • barcode impression (also acc. to GS1)
  • consecutive numbering
  • set of forms (double, triple)
  • special multi-row  punching (Axytrans punching)
  • sterilized bags
  • use as sample bags


Talk to us. Together we will be the right mailing envelope or safety bags tailored exactly to your needs.



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