Lamination – Creating added value

The demands as to packaging have risen enormously in the last few years. It applies both to the product protection proper and its sales potential.  All senses of the customer are to be appealed. Just seeing no longer suffices to convince, it is often the feel of a packaging that decides on the success of the entire package.  More importantly, the packaging has become a vital criterion in terms of shelf life and flavour protection, in particular in the food industry.  

A composite film is a high-grade finished end product. It is a multilayer film that can be provided with application-specific barrier properties.   This flexibility in composition makes the composite film suitable for applications of different industries, such as food, cosmetics or pet food.   

On the lamination line we can make both duplex composite films and triplex composite films. Depending on the goods to be packed it is thus possible by combining different films/barrier properties to influence the resistance to perforation, tearing strength, UV resistance and light fastness and the protection from air humidity and temperatures resp.  

The exact balancing of all components allows not only the use as plastic packing for foodstuffs but also as a creative packaging for use in various non-food sectors. Whether you are looking for a flat film for automated packing or wish to buy a finished bag. We supply both a made-to-measure automatic packaging film and simple flat bags, header bags, attractive envelopes for mailings through to promotionally effective sealed-edge bags. 

Since the right barrier properties and an excellent sealability are vital for further processing by the   foodstuffs sector, we would be glad to give you advice in this wide-ranging field.  


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