You are a foodstuffs manufacturer or supplier of the food industry and are looking for plastic bags and automatic packaging films for your products? Our product line food offers a large variety of packaging solutions of polyethylene and polypropylene from simple vending machine bags through to triplex composite films.   

"You eat with your eyes first" - today the packaging of foodstuff have not only to fulfil  a valuable protective function but  convince the buyer at the first glance and feel that he/she purchases a quality product from you. The packaging becomes the criterion of the buying decision.
Featuring outstanding quality in flexo printing and film processing and by using application-specific materials our product line food stands for  attractive packaging that keeps up the connection of foodstuffs with freshness  and taste. Though the requirements for food packaging are multi-faceted we have the capability to meet them. We do not only provide safety and hygiene for your products. Our potential in film finishing puts us in the position to supply flexible packaging that has a favourable effect on the shelf life of your foodstuffs, the preservation of the flavour by film lamination and easy processing on all common packing machines.


food - packages for pleasure and freshness!

Ask our experts for detailed advice  both on the use of mono films and application-specific composite  films. We produce both duplex composite films and triplex composite films with or without barrier layer depending on the requirement.  Carrier or barrier materials may be polypropylene, polyester, metalized polyester, polyethylene (with or without EVOH) for lamination. 

With the manufacture and processing of automatic packaging films and plastic bags for the foodstuffs industry we undertake a very special responsibility. Nothing is more important than protecting your product to make sure it reaches the end user fresh and in perfect quality.   To give you this guarantee and document the same, this company submitted itself to the BRC/IoP certification requirements.


Special features of our food packaging products:

  • processing of high-quality mono films and composite films 
  • use of application-specific barrier materials
  • straight-edged winding of reels
  • punching, needle Perforation
  • vending machine bags with tear-off perforation for automatic packing
  • sterilizable bags

Talk to us. Together we will find the right kind of packaging for you that does not only convince by functionality but can also set highlights.


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